Registration for the Summer 2020 Virtual CTC courses will commence at 1100 EDT, Monday, 29 June 2020

Registration will be by e-mail to  Registration e-mails received before the 1100 EDT 29 June 2020 will not be actioned.


Cadets must provide all the following information in their request for registration email in order for RCSU staff to identify them correctly, verify their contact information, and register them in the proper serial. E-mails that do not contain all of the required information may not be actioned or prioritized.  Use this bullet point format in the body of the e-mail to ensure all the required information is provided.


  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Corps/Sqn number
  • Corps/Sqn element
  • Name of their #1 course choice & serial,  (eg. 1st Choice – Cadet Cyber Training Course – Standard – Serial 2)
  • Name of their #2 course choice & serial
  • Name of their #3 course choice & serial
  • Preferred language of training
  • Phone number **
  • Email address **
  • And if registering for a music course, the instrument played is also required


** Please note, Cadets will be provided a Microsoft 365 account to connect to the Virtual CTC’s and access the online training content. The accounts will be created using the e-mail and phone number provided, therefore these contacts must be correct, and the cadet must be able to access these.


Using the above information, RCSU Central staff will complete the registration of cadets to Virtual CTC courses.


All billets are open to all elements, and available to cadets who meet the target age on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis.  It is the responsibility of the cadet to meet the requirements listed for each course, such as internet connection, computer or other devices.  Refer to the course schedule for the details for each course.  RCSU Central Staff will strive to ensure equitable billet allocation, on a day-to-day basis (with a rolling accounting after each day), for each of the RCSU Central Areas, based on population.


Cadets will be registered to courses by RCSU (Central) staff using the following procedure:


  • E-mails containing all the required information will be actioned in the order received;
  • RCSU Central J5 will verify the cadet information in the e-mail against the cadet’s Fortress file and add or correct the cadet’s e-mail and phone contact as required;
  • RCSU Central J5 will load the cadet to the 1st choice course if the cadet meets the target age and a billet is available;
  • If a billet is not available for the cadet’s 1st choice they will attempt to register the cadet for their 2nd choice or 3rd choice as available. If no billet is available for any of the cadet’s 3 choices, RCSU Central J5 will identify available course choices to the cadet by e-mail. The cadet must respond with new choices, and RCSU Central J5 will repeat the process on receipt of the e-mail;
  • When all e-mails have been actioned for the 1st available choice, RCSU Central J5 will go through the registration e-mails in the same order and attempt to register each cadet for a second course; and
  • This process will repeat until the billets are exhausted.


Corps/Sqn staff can monitor Fortress to see if/when their cadets have been successfully registered to a course.


Once registered, cadets will be contacted by Virtual CTC staff about the course, logging into their Microsoft 365 account and participating in course activities.