Team Opportunities

Marksmanship Team


Competitors in this team are selected based on past performances and corps familiarization shoots. Cadets use the Daisy air rifle to fire upon paper targets.  The bull, or dead center, is about the size of the head of a pen, so accuracy is extremely difficult to achieve.  While firing, each cadet also has a coach beside them to change sights, pump the rifle, and make minor adjustments and suggestions.  Cadets on this team are always supervised by an Range Safety Officer and by multiple coaches. The Marksmanship team will be run by Captain Kominek. Tryouts and selection dates will be posted shortly.

Drill team


The Queen’s Own Rifles Cadets will look to set the standard on sending a team of top notch cadets to this foot drill competition.  Drill team is for those who take a great deal of pride in their uniforms, their deportment, and their proficiency with military drill.  A section of cadets from all ranks is compiled and commanded by a senior, usually the Drill Sergeant Major (DSM).  The team practices difficult drill movements and sequences and competes annually for the title.  They also perform a demonstration at the annual review parade. This team will be coached by Captain Kominek.  Tryouts and selection dates will be posted shortly.

Flag Party


The Flag Party is not a team but rather an honourable appointment.  It consists of five cadets – two flag bearers and three escorts.  The flag party is used on special parades such as a CO’s Parade, Remembrance Day and the Annual Review Parade.  The cadets chosen to be in the Flag Party will have demonstrated excellence in drill, dress and deportment.