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  • Our corps prides itself on maintaining excellence in the standards of our uniform.  Here are the documents which will guide you to achieving the very best possible appearance.
  • Dress Regulations
    This is the overall document describing all aspects of a cadet’s uniform and his/her appearance.  Every cadet should read it.  The last page of this document mentions some additional documents, called “Annexes”, and here below are the most useful ones:
  • Annex A – Numbered Dress
    This is a description of all the various uniform codes like C1, C2 and so on.  You can download a single document that lists all the numbered dress, or you can download individual pages:  C1 | C2 | C2A | C3 | C3A | C4 | C4A | C5 | C6 | C7 | SC1 | Sports Dress
  • Annex D – Badges
    Here you can see a complete list of all the badges and pins that could be worn on the uniform, and perhaps more importantly, which badges you can earn!
  • Annex F – Illustrated References
    This excellent document illustrates where to sew on your badges, how to wear your hair and beret, how to lace your boots, proper placement of pins and medals, and much more!
  • CF Dress Regulations for CIC Officers
    Canadian Forces Dress Instructions


  • Until you are issued a uniform you will most often wear “Black & Whites”
    Black & Whites are black or other dark colour pants (no blue or faded jeans), black or dark shoes or boots, and a white collared shirt. The equivalent to the Army Cadet Orders of Dress are:
  • C1 Full Dress = Black & Whites
    your best dark pants & shoos and your best white collared shirt (for special parades), with a coat or jacket appropriate for the weather for outdoor parades
  • C2 Routine Dress = Black & Whites: doesn’t have to be your best as you will be training (ie laying on mats, sitting on the floor, etc); bring a coat or jacket for outdoor training
  • C2A Short Sleeve Order = Black & Whites: for training, only bring a jacket for wet or cool weather
  • C3, C3A, C4 & C4A are rarely worn if ever at the unit
  • C5 Field Training Uniform (FTUs) = Adventure Wear: something you feel comfortable in while crawling, climbing, hiking, biking or canoeing (no jeans)
  • C6 Mess Dress = Black & Whites: your best with a black bow tie on your white long-sleeved collared shirt (with coat or jacket when necessary)
  • C7 & SC1 are for senior cadets only
  • Sports Dress: running shoes, shorts or athletic pants, t-shirt or sweatshirt (depending on the weather and if indoors or outdoors)

Dress Uniform

  • Always, always, always press your uniform!
  • To prevent your uniform from going shiny, do not use too much heat and consider using a pressing cloth when ironing
  • Always press both collars (tunic and light green shirt)
  • Sew your badges on straight and to standard (see below)
  • Remove threads
  • De-lint your beret
  • Press a sharp crease in your pants
  • Males, make sure you have a clean hair cut
  • Females, make sure your hair is tied back in a bun and there are no hair wisp
  • Shine your boots: here is a helpful video on how to properly polish your boots

Field Training Uniform (FTUs)

  • Always put your FTUs in the dryer before cadets, this will eliminate wrinkles; if the dryer doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to iron your FTUs, just don’t show up with wrinkles!
  • Put old cassette cases in the breast pockets to flatten them out- otherwise they fold everywhere
  • Remove threads
  • De-lint your beret, tuck in the tags on the back of your beret
  • Twist up the string on the bottom of your FTU tunic, then attach the loop to the bottom button; this prevents the strings from showing on parade
  • The string in the middle of your FTU tunic can be fed through the button holes, hide it as well
  • Buy boot blousers – if you do not know what they are, ask your Sergeant or Senior NCO